Charway Summerain
1st April 2003 — 12th December 2013 — View pedigree

Summer was entrusted into my care by the late Janice Pritchard, and came to live with our family at the end of January 2006.

Over the years Janice had achieved great things in the showring, and was now looking to produce a true worker, whilst maintaining the Charway good looks.

Janice very much hoped that in Summer she had a Charway-bred dog that could field trial. We were working together on Summers next litter, and discussing the possibility of my taking over her field trial training, when Janice's cancer recurrence was diagnosed.

With this in mind, following Janice's untimely death at the end of 2005 I decided to put the litter we were planning on hold, and to concentrate instead on Summers training, with the hope of being able to run her through the 2006 trialling season.

Going right back to basics, Summers progress was extraordinary. For a three year old dog to take on board so much new information is a true measure of great personality, and a tremendous willingness to please.

As the summer progressed it became apparent to me that Summer was more than capable. Her list of successes can be seen on our awards page.

As well as competing, Summer enjoyed picking up three times a week during the shooting season, and living in the home with the others. She was even brave enough to venture onto the sofa... when invited!

Summer was a sweet, biddable girl, who just wanted to be with you, no matter what you were doing. Summer sadly succumbed to acute kidney failure in December 2013, but her line continues.


A water retrieve.

A long retrieve parallel to the river with the other dogs watching on jealously!

A blind retrieve across a ditch.


A water retrieve A standing head-on shot A sitting profile shot