Ardenbrook Faith
Born 30th March 2008 — View pedigree — View Kennel Club health results page

Faith was kept from Summer's litter by Paddy. We kept her partly because of her lovely construction, good looks and temperament, and partly because she made us laugh!

Pretty early on she was nicknamed 'The Tank'. If there was a bush or a collection of flower pots in her way, then as far as Faith was concerned the only way was to go through the obstruction, and it would have us in stitches. She simply didn't do reverse and go round. If she saw the tiniest gap she would set her shoulders and push — she still does. After all, why go round when you can go through!

Faith has grown up into a seriously pretty young lady, and was a pleasure to take to the CLA Game Fair early in 2010 where we were on duty in the Sporting Dog Pavilion over all three days. Big people with big dogs, lots of very little people and some very little dogs, she took the hustle and bustle of the Pavilion in her stride and very quickly learnt that by sitting in front of me she got maximum attention from the passers by. It can all get a bit much for a young dog, but not for Faith!

Faith has Open and Championship show awards (even though she is over 90% working bred), and is already a key member of my picking up team, having inherited her mothers nose! She is entered in the BASC Gamekeeper Classes at Crufts 2011.

We are also immensely proud of Faith's brother Bailey (Ardenbrook Hope), who completed his training in the summer and is now a Dogs for the Disabled working partner. You can see some pictures of Bailey below.

Ardenbrook Faith

Faith picking up in the snow

Faith & her mum picking up in the snow


Pictures of Faith's litter brother Bailey

Ardenbrook Hope in training jacket

Ardenbrook Hope with partner

Ardenbrook Hope with partner