Kate competes in shows, working tests and field trials. Shows take place all year round whereas working tests and field trials are seasonal. Field trials can only take place during the shooting season from 1st September through to 2nd February. Working tests simulate field trials using canvas dummies, and take place over the spring and summer.

Shows have many classes of entry, including classes restricted to dogs that have achieved a certain standard in field trials. Since relatively few people who show their dogs also work their dogs, these classes sometimes have very few entries. This provides a way to success in shows for working dogs that would otherwise tend to be discriminated against in favour of the much heavier set show dogs that would struggle to jump a gate let alone complete a hard days work in the field.

This trend may be reversing with the Kennel Club's emphasis on "Fit for Function: Fit for Life". Kate's aim is to blend the best qualities of working and show lines to produce good looking dogs that can succeed in the show ring without compromising performance in the field.