If the first question you ask a breeder is "How much do you charge for your puppies?" then you need to take a longer term view. The quick and accurate answer is "A lot less than the puppy will cost you to keep and look after for the rest of its life.". Responsible owners will want to ensure that their puppy is properly cared for throughout its life. For a Labrador, that could easily be a commitment of twelve years or more.

That said, there is no denying that the purchase price of puppies has increased significantly over the last couple of years, in part because of a percieved shortage of supply due to coronavirus. To get some idea of this you can check out the Kennel Club Find a Puppy site, and the Champdogs site (free registration required). Many of the litters listed now show asking prices. Ardenbrook puppies will not be the cheapest, but they will be towards the lower end of the range.

When considering the cost of owning a dog you need to take into consideration their food, insurance, kenelling when you go on holiday, dog equipment such as a crate, dog gates, dog beds, toys, etc, and routine vetinary charges for vaccinations, neutering, and flea and worm treatments. Kate can advise on current costs, and your local vet should have a scale of charges. It is safe to say that the purchase price will be a small proportion of the lifetime cost of owning a dog.

Also bear in mind that the cost of breeding varies considerably. The more concientious the breeder the greater the overheads, but the lower the risk that their puppies will suffer from ill health.