Lara started showing signs of labour on the afternoon of Saturday 13th August, a couple of days sooner than expected. By bed time it was clear she was in labour, and by 2:30am on the Sunday with no pups delivered Kate decided that enough was enough and set off to the vet. This turned out to be exactly the right thing to do as a Caesarean was necessary due to the first pup not presenting correctly. Seven well developed pups were delivered with two needing a concerted effort to revive. Sadly, when Kate thought all were comfortably over the birth, one faded and could not be resuscitated.

Lara was understandably knocked for six, and it being her first litter wasn't at all sure what to do at first. However, as the anaesthetic properly wore off and with constant encouragement her mothering instincts very quickly took over. She concientiously fed and cleaned the pups, who all thrived. Three boys and three girls, with one girl lost.

The pups are all with their new homes now, apart from Kalli who stays with us. Here are some videos of the litter growing up, latest first.

Feline awareness training, courtesy of Squidge

Eight weeks old

Nearly eight weeks old

Six weeks old

Four and a half weeks old - Strike the pose

Four weeks old

Three weeks old

Two weeks old

One week old

Four days old