In April 1999 we had our first litter from our first bitch Ella. Seven puppies all born without a hitch. The second litter of ten were also born without incident. Phebe's first litter of seven went smoothly. Her second litter of just two pups was a surprise after she showed at least five on the scan, but at least there was an explanation - bitches can re-absorb embryos when under stress, and the arrival of a new dog next door half way through her pregancy was the likely trigger for this.

Last year was frustrating as two matings with a different sire both failed to catch, but with a change of sire and very easy matings we were so optimistic about this litter. A scan confirmed at least five pups, and knowing that Summer's first litter of eight were born and raised without a hitch we eagerly awaited the birth of this litter.

When labour started and the first pup was born OK all seemed well, but then the second pup took so long to be delivered that we called the vet. It was stillborn on the way to the vets. After an injection to stimulate contractions, and having examined Summer, the vet sent us home to deliver the rest of the litter. Things still moved slowly, and of the remaining five puppies another three were stillborn. No attempts at resuscitation on these pups had any effect.

It is hard to explain just how sad it is to see otherwise perfectly formed puppies stillborn. It has taken a few days to come to terms with, which is why this page was not updated for a while. The vet offered no explanation, but as is the way with these things once something like this happens you begin to hear other accounts. Nature can be harsh sometimes.

Things could have been worse. Summer has come through unscathed and we have three extremely healthy and well-fed black pups - two bitches and a dog. We are very sorry to have to dissapoint many of those who were hoping to have a puppy from this litter.

So, now to happier things. There will be updates at roughly weekly intervals until the pups are about seven or eight weeks old.

One week old

Two weeks old

Three weeks old

Four weeks old

Five weeks old

Six weeks old

Seven weeks old

Eight weeks old